How to win a war with Iran in the West

I am not a foreign policy expert, but I can tell you that if Iran is to have any hope of containing Israel’s nuclear weapons program, we need to defeat the Iranians in all their forms.

It is clear that if we don’t, Iran will have the means to destroy us.

The Iranians are already moving to strike at us at every opportunity, and this week, a bomb fell on Israel’s largest city, Tel Aviv.

The attack, which killed two people and wounded a dozen others, showed the power of Iran’s nuclear program, which is now being exploited by the Islamic Republic to advance its military ambitions in the region.

That’s the most important thing we can do to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear weapons state.

The only way to prevent that from happening is to defeat Iran’s entire regional strategy, which includes the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights and the Palestinian territories.

That strategy is aimed at eliminating Israel’s Jewish majority, and it is not likely to succeed.

To defeat this strategy, we must focus on the Middle East’s most dangerous region: the heartland of Iran.

The war with Iraq is another example.

This conflict began when Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait in 1990.

Saddam’s invasion left Iraq in a state of chaos and anarchy.

It was a bloodbath.

When Saddam fell, Iran, which had been allied with Saddam’s regime, joined the fight.

But the Iranians had little military experience and had only recently acquired modern weapons.

They also did not possess any conventional weapons.

To stop Saddam’s aggression, Iran and the United States launched Operation Desert Storm in 1990, which aimed to capture the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.

That operation, launched with little fanfare and without much intelligence, failed spectacularly.

Iraq was captured.

Saddam was imprisoned, tortured and executed.

When the United Nations passed Resolution 688, in 1994, which imposed sanctions on Iran, Iran reacted violently by launching an invasion of Iraq, a major victory for Israel.

The United States was caught off guard.

We did not expect Iran to launch an invasion on a whim, let alone after learning of it in advance.

The Iran-Iraq war began as a civil war between Sunni and Shia Muslims, which ended in an agreement to resolve it by force.

After Saddam’s death in 2003, the United Arab Emirates joined the U.S.-led coalition fighting against the Iranian regime.

But it did not join the coalition that invaded Iraq.

The Arab League and the Arab League observer mission to the United Nation imposed a cease-fire on the war and called for a peaceful settlement to the war, but that did not happen.

In 2015, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei declared that he would not negotiate.

He wanted to destroy Israel and the entire region, and he would destroy America.

He had promised to annihilate America’s soldiers and Americans if we continued to fight.

And he was correct.

In the spring of 2016, we began bombing targets in Iraq and Syria.

That war started with an assault on the Iraqi city of Tikrit, which was the scene of the largest massacre of Shiites in history.

The Iraqi military and Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) were on the offensive.

We began bombing the city, killing hundreds of civilians, as well as a number of Iranian Revolutionary Guards, and the IRGC was forced to withdraw.

The U.N. Security Council imposed sanctions, and after more than a year of this brutal war, the IRGs withdrew from Iraq.

When Iran announced that it would not renew the sanctions, the West began imposing sanctions on the country, targeting the IRG, the Revolutionary Guards and the Iraqi government.

The West also targeted Israel.

That was when Israel began to suffer.

It did not have the financial or military resources to retaliate, so it decided to respond militarily.

We are not talking about a one-sided war; this was a war in which Iran’s actions and our actions were aligned.

The Israelis did not wait for the United Kingdom to declare war on Iran; they attacked.

The Iranian attack was devastating, killing tens of thousands of civilians and injuring scores of others.

We now know that the Iranians intended to kill many more Americans in retaliation for our military attacks on Iraq.

But our military response was not enough.

We failed to destroy their air defenses, and we failed to protect American personnel in the area.

That left us vulnerable to attack from Iran’s growing nuclear arsenal.

We were caught in the middle of a nuclear war, and now we are in it.

Iran has not responded to our strikes.

We have launched attacks in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Bahrain, where it has used Iranian proxies, including Hezbollah and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

It has also launched attacks on the U

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