Google Travel: New Zealand tourism bureau warns of ‘dangerous’ rise in tourists

New Zealand’s tourism bureau warned this week that the number of tourists visiting New Zealand in 2017 had risen by more than fivefold to nearly 30 million.

The New Zealand Tourism Council said it was concerned about the “dangerous” rise in visitors to New Zealand from overseas.

It said a “significant proportion” of visitors were coming from China and South Korea.

The council said more than one in three tourists were from China, South Korea and Japan, with tourists from these countries making up more than half of all tourists to New York.

A number of New Zealand tourists are also coming from South Korea, and New Zealand is the world’s largest market for South Korean tourists.

The tourism bureau said its statistics for 2018 showed the number and volume of overseas visitors had increased by an estimated 3.6 per cent compared to the previous year.

Its head of tourism, Steve Dolan, said New Zealand was the only country in the world that had experienced a surge in visitors from overseas, and he was worried about the trend.

“There is a huge amount of interest in New Zealand, and it is important that we take that interest into account in our planning,” Mr Dolan said.

The number of foreign tourists in New York rose to 7.9 million, up from 5.9, with a 4.1 per cent increase in visits to the United States from South Asia.

In New Zealand there were 1.1 million people travelling abroad, a 0.3 per cent rise from 2017.

More than 2.3 million foreign tourists were in New Jersey, a 1.3 cent increase from the previous financial year.

The increase was driven by the arrival of many Chinese tourists.

In September 2017, New Zealand saw more than 3 million Chinese tourists, a 2.5 per cent surge from the year before.

China has been growing in popularity with Chinese tourists for decades, but there is a new surge.

Chinese tourists are now the largest group of overseas tourists, accounting for 10.6 million visitors.

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