‘A very strange experience’: How a travel nurse was left to pick up the tab on her first trip

A travel nurse has told how she was forced to pay a total of £7,000 to pick-up the tab for domestic travel after the family had to change hotel rooms.

Kate Fournier, 35, had her first overseas trip two years ago.

She is the first female member of staff at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children, which operates as a hospital and outpatient unit.

When her family moved to Manchester in October, they were unable to make the overnight trip.

A GP who cared for Kate told her it was too expensive for the room they shared in the Royal London Hotel.

The NHS said it could not provide a quote, but the family eventually paid the £7000 for domestic accommodation, £5,000 for overnight accommodation, and £1,000 extra for travel insurance.

Ms Fournie said she had a hard time getting through the hotel to check in and find the room she wanted to stay in, which was not on the shortlist.

I could see the room, but I was very confused.” “

There was just no-one around me, so it was like a bit of a blur.

I could see the room, but I was very confused.”

The NHS added it could no longer provide the booking for the hotel, because of “technical difficulties”.

When she got to the hotel and saw she had to pay the bill, she was “very distressed”, she said.

The hotel staff then took the hotel manager to the local police to ask why they had to give the hotel a booking fee.

“The manager told them they were the hotel’s property and that they could ask the police to look into it,” she said, adding she was then given another booking fee of £3,000.

The family was also left to pay £1 per bed in the rooms they shared.

Ms Molloy said the hotel staff had told her that the family’s hotel room was the one that was available.

“They were telling me I had paid £4,000, but then they had another booking for another hotel,” she added.

They didn’t want to pay for the extra.” “

I thought they were being sneaky, because it was on the list.

They didn’t want to pay for the extra.”

Ms Founier said she is still struggling to make ends meet, despite her husband being a travel agent, and has been left struggling with her travel insurance and her children’s school fees.

“What I would have been doing is going to the GP and having them do my travel, so I can pay my own way, but it wasn’t fair,” she told the BBC.

“We’re still struggling, and we’ve been through so much money.”

The Royal Hospital For Sick Children (RHFS) said the hospital does not record numbers of patients who were denied treatment.

“Our priority is to ensure patients are provided with the best care possible, and to ensure the most efficient and cost-effective use of resources, including our health service,” a spokesperson said.

“While we cannot confirm the exact number of patients referred to us by the NHS, we can confirm that it is not the case that the number of such referrals is not recorded in our statistics.”

The hospital said the number was a “gross understatement”.

Ms Molleroy said it was “disheartening” that there was no way to get the information to the family.

“That’s why I’m going to do something about it,” Ms Mölleroy said.

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