Connecticut travelers are banned from flying out of New Haven airport

The New Haven Register-Ledger reports Connecticut Gov.

Dannel Malloy signed legislation banning people from traveling out of the city and the Connecticut Statehouse and barring the use of a private jet or charter aircraft to fly out of state.

The law applies to any individual or business who wants to use a private plane or charter flight to travel anywhere in Connecticut for a specific purpose.

“We’re in a state of emergency and I think people should not be taking a plane or private charter flight unless they have an emergency, which includes the need to evacuate an area,” Malloy said in a press conference Tuesday morning.


Daren Creighton, who signed the bill Tuesday, said the law is aimed at “protecting the public from the potential threat of terrorism.”

“This is a response to the recent attacks in New York City and Washington, D.C.,” Creighton said.

“It’s a way to make sure that people can get to and from work, schools, restaurants, and other important areas of our state.”

Malloy said the measure applies to anyone who has a Connecticut business license, who works in the state, or who lives in the city.

People who are not registered with a business or who work in a non-public place must show proof of residency in Connecticut, the governor said.

“This will not apply to those who are licensed to do business in Connecticut.

Anyone who has their business in New Haven is exempt from the ban,” Malloys office said in an email.

Malloys office says the law will take effect July 1.