How to get the best travel deals on the road

A travel travel stop in Chicago may be cheaper than the one in New York, but the cost of a stop in a major city is also much higher, a travel agent said Tuesday.

“I think that the number of stops that we have in Chicago, if you’re going to be there for a few days, you’re paying $1,000 to $1.25, depending on how many people you’re bringing with you,” said Joe Wiesenthal, owner of Chicago-based Wiessel Tours.

“You can get it for $600 to $700, depending how many stops you have, or $600-700 to $800.

You need a lot more.” “

The cost of getting out of a city, getting to a destination, if it’s $1K, $2K, you need a whole lot more than just a couple of stops.

You need a lot more.”

Wieszel said he expects to be able to book more than 10,000 trips in Chicago in the next five years.

“When you start to do that, it becomes a whole different business,” Wiessels said.

“So, it’s going to change a lot.”

Trump travel ban travel ban Trump travel ban: Travelers are barred from seven countries. 

President Donald Trump signed an executive order Wednesday restricting entry to the U.S. for citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries: Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

Trump said the ban would be lifted in 90 days and would be enforced “in a manner that protects the health and safety of the American people.”

He has said he would seek to remove the ban in the “first 100 days” of his presidency.