FLORIDA TRAVEL: I’m tired of seeing what’s in the bag

A Florida couple who say they have had to cancel trips to Canada because of the Zika virus is tired of being reminded of how much travel is still out there, too.

Theresa and Ryan Sutter are considering moving to Canada after their daughter, who has a rare genetic disorder called microcephaly, was born with the condition.

The Sutter family was to head to Vancouver for the holidays with their two other children.

They decided to stay put in a hotel room, but the family was told to be careful because of concerns about the virus.

Ryan Sutter said the couple didn’t want to go to the airport with the baby, and didn’t know where to start researching the virus on their own.

Ryan said she was concerned about her baby’s health and how long it would take her to return home.

But, she said, the Sutter’s were not prepared for what they’d see at airports.

“I didn’t even know if we were going to be able to get a hotel booked,” Ryan Suttering said.

Ryan and her husband Ryan Suttles, who live in the city of Tampa, have been traveling for a few months to and from Canada.

They booked a hotel in the Orlando area, but were told they would have to get permission from the city to go inside the city limits.

Ryan has spent about $40,000 in travel costs on her trip.

She said they decided to wait until the baby was about four months old before they booked a flight to Toronto.

“We don’t want anyone else to have to do this,” Ryan said.

“I think that we’ve been lucky.”

Ryan Suttle’s daughter is a rare microcephy disorder called trisomy 18.

Her father says they don’t know if her condition will change her behavior or not, but she doesn’t know that.

The parents are worried that their daughter will have another microcephi attack.

The couple says they are still on a mission to find a hotel that’s willing to rent to them and their baby.

“The more people we have to travel to, the more we want to make sure we don’t get turned away from other cities,” Ryan explained.

Ryan added that she would like to be compensated for any costs she’d incur.

The families story is just one example of how travel has been delayed for travelers in the Americas and Canada.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Monday that travel delays have increased dramatically this year, with the number of travelers arriving in the U.S. each day falling by 1.5 percent.

The number of U.N. flights also dropped in March.

The CDC said travelers from South America and Asia were hit hardest by the virus, with South Korea and Japan leading the way with the most delayed travelers.

The CDC said the average travel time to and through Mexico has increased from 10 to 21 days since mid-February.

The agency said some travelers from Mexico have also been affected by the Zika epidemic.

A study released Monday by the CDC said that as of late March, nearly 1.4 million people had tested positive for Zika, with more than 200,000 of those being infected with the virus before symptoms appeared.

The agency said the number is expected to climb by several thousand more cases over the next few weeks.

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