Travel restrictions in Texas as the CDC issues a new travel advisory

NEW YORK — The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is sending its travel advisory for people traveling from Texas to Florida, Ohio, New Jersey and Virginia to people in other states affected by the virus.

The new advice was issued Thursday after Texas Gov.

Greg Abbott (R) and the state’s Republican governor, Greg Abbott, announced that they would declare a state of emergency for the entire state of Texas.

The governor’s office said Friday that the emergency declaration will be in place until further notice.

It will go into effect July 6.

The advisory was issued after Abbott issued a proclamation on Thursday that temporarily halted the implementation of the executive order he signed Thursday night ordering Texas to immediately begin taking in all unaccompanied minors, regardless of the parent’s legal status.

The order also said that any federal funding that could be used for child welfare and welfare-to-children programs would not be available for Texas.

A statewide ban on traveling to the U.S. was lifted on Friday.

Texas Gov.-elect Greg Abbott said Friday he wants to see the U:D.E. declared a state emergency to help protect Texans from a potential pandemic.

He said he was told that Texas is not currently under a state or federal state of public health emergency.

The governors offices office said in a statement that the declaration would “allow Texas to maintain a state-of-the-art system to track and detect the spread of the virus and provide assistance to affected families.”

The state of New Jersey issued a similar proclamation on Friday that lifted its temporary travel ban on people from Texas.

“We have not seen any indications of an outbreak in the state of Florida,” Gov.

Chris Christie (R), who is running for president, said in an interview with Fox News.

“Our focus is on the protection of our people.

Our focus is not on the threat of the outbreak.”


Charlie Baker (R.) issued a statement Friday saying the state has not seen a single case of the coronavirus in the last month.

“The governor’s order gives us a heads-up and we’re prepared to respond to the pandemic,” he said.

The federal government has also suspended all aid to the states of Texas, New York, New England, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maryland and Pennsylvania that had declared states of emergency, or emergency declaration, since Friday.

On Friday, the U

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