What to know about the Canada-U.S. border crisis

From New York City to Los Angeles, the United States is grappling with a new wave of border closures and the potential fallout from a deadly fire that engulfed a California freeway overpass.

The Associated Press traveled to 11 states to talk to the people who’ve experienced the chaos.

A reporter for CNN, Laura Smith, is on assignment from Washington.

She spoke with two people who had been detained by the U.S.-Mexico border since Wednesday.

In Arizona, a man and a woman were detained after a shootout between agents and migrants in a crowded detention center.

In Georgia, Border Patrol agents arrested a man who had just taken his wife to a local hospital after the couple had been pulled over for speeding.

In Minnesota, agents in Minnesota arrested a mother of two who had to be transported to the hospital after her 3-year-old son was shot in the chest and shoulder.

Authorities in Arizona arrested a father of four in a shootout at a detention center in Tijuana.

In Texas, Border Guard agents arrested two men who were on their way to a detention facility in Texas, when a shootout broke out.

The standoff at the border was the worst since the deadly border standoff in July 2016.

Officials in Georgia said a Mexican man, a father and his 3-month-old daughter were shot and killed in the southern city of Yuma.

The boy was in the car with his grandmother and aunt, authorities said.

The two were shot as they drove to a nearby church for mass.

In Alabama, a woman who was visiting from Mexico and her boyfriend were taken into custody after they were spotted by border agents and stopped in the Arizona desert.

Officials there released a statement saying the couple, a mother and her husband, had been stopped by Border Patrol and had crossed the border without permission.

In Pennsylvania, a border patrol agent was injured in a gun battle with migrants, according to officials.

A man was shot and wounded in a shooting in Arizona, and the man, who was not identified, was rushed to the University of Arizona Medical Center.

Authorities said the incident occurred about 5 p.m. on Interstate 10 near the city of El Paso.

The shooter, a 40-year old Mexican national, fired several shots, striking a patrol vehicle.

The agency said it was assisting U..

S Border Patrol with the investigation.

Authorities were still looking into whether the shooting was related to the shootout.

Officials also released video of the scene of the shootout, which shows the woman being carried away by the Border Patrol.

In Washington, D.C., federal authorities released footage of an arrest of an individual in Arizona who was wanted for a DUI arrest.

Authorities there said the man was taken into detention at a Phoenix airport after he failed field sobriety tests.

The woman in the video, who had her hands on her hips, was arrested by Border Guard officers on suspicion of driving under the influence.

She was charged with driving under influence, a Class B misdemeanor.

Authorities have said they plan to hold the man in detention pending the results of a court hearing on whether to seek a warrant to search his car.

Officials from Canada and Mexico had been locked in a bitter standoff that ended Tuesday in a standoff between Mexican and U.F.O. agents.

Mexico’s foreign minister said on Wednesday that his country was “ready to meet the demands of the U.,S.

on the borders,” adding that he would meet the Americans “as soon as possible.”

Mexico has been grappling with border closures for the past few weeks.

President Enrique Peña Nieto announced on Monday that his government would suspend all immigration to the U,S.

for 90 days and that Canada and the U of T would also suspend their student visa programs.

Mexico also announced that it would begin processing its applications for a permanent resident visa for immigrants in Mexico.

Authorities from Mexico said Tuesday they had intercepted a number of people trying to enter the U.-Mexico frontier in the western state of Sonora.

In a tweet, Mexico’s immigration minister said a number were detained and they were being questioned.

A video released by the Mexican government showed a man in a T-shirt who appeared to be wearing a gas mask, and a man wearing a black jacket and a balaclava being detained.

The video showed a number detained by Mexican authorities and a video of one of them being taken into a police van.

The man appeared to have a gun in his hand and his face was covered by a mask, the video showed.

The footage showed the man wearing the mask as he walked out of the border patrol vehicle, apparently into a Tijuana roadblock.

Authorities say they are looking for the man who was seen on video walking toward the border.

Mexico announced Tuesday it would start processing its application for a temporary resident visa to be able to travel to the United State for up to 180 days.

In recent weeks, Mexico has had a string of border incidents.

Authorities issued more than 3,200 border closures across the country in recent

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