Passengers on Cairns airport’s busiest flight to be delayed due to virus

Passengers have been told they will be forced to stay in the same room as their bags on the first leg of the Cairn Airport’s busiest day-long flight.

Key points:Cairns Airport’s airport’s peak traffic will be cut to just five flights a day by Monday as passengers and their bags are checked for the coronavirusPassengers will be sent to a separate room on the plane to rest and recoverPassengers and their luggage will be checked for C. difficile on the flight from Cairngorms to CairntrieAirline says the plane will not be able to handle the number of passengers and will be diverted from the airport to a Cairndrie airportA Cairnnia spokesperson told ABC News that the flight will be able handle just five aircraft a day and will not run out of capacity as it was meant to.

“The airport will be running full capacity and there will be no capacity issues,” she said.

“Passengers who have had a positive screening will be given an additional one-hour window to get back on the aircraft if they wish to depart.”

If there is a capacity issue, passengers will be required to board the aircraft to recover from their symptoms.

“We will be working closely with the Department of Health and Primary Industries to ensure the best possible service.”

Ms Kelleher said the flight would not be diverted to the C.difficile Treatment Centre in Cairnda, about 30 kilometres away.

“Cairndririe is a major terminal in the state and we’re hoping to get as many passengers as possible back to C.DTC as soon as possible,” she added.

“So, in the meantime, we will be sending the passengers and all their luggage back to the terminal to rest.”

The Cairne Airport spokeswoman said the airport had made arrangements to accommodate up to four people on the airport’s flights.

“That includes two people per flight, two passengers per flight and one person per flight on each day of the flight,” she told ABC Radio Cairnc.

“There will be one passenger per plane and we will also be allowing four people per plane on the return trip.”

She said that on a daily basis, there would be around 300 passengers on each plane.

“This is an ongoing pilot and operator response, so the planes will be fully staffed and there is no change to that,” she explained.

“At the same time, we want to ensure that there is not a lack of passenger capacity at Cairnegors airport, particularly if there is any increased demand.”

She also confirmed that the airline was not planning to reduce capacity on the planes as the flight was not expected to last more than four hours.

“However, we are looking to work with our partners and management to ensure we can provide the service that our customers expect,” she confirmed.

Cairn airport has been in lockdown since Monday as a precaution due to the coronivirus outbreak, with flights grounded for the time being.

Airport spokesman Tony Dyer said he was not aware of any passenger or baggage delays and that the airport would continue to operate normally.

“It is a precautionary measure and it is the first of many to be in place for the next few days as we continue to monitor the situation,” he said.