American Express says it has suspended a travel advisory in Italy due to the Ebola outbreak

American Express has suspended its travel advisory for Italy following reports that a tourist in the country had contracted Ebola.

The American Express travel advisory has been suspended for Italy, and travelers can still apply for refunds, a spokesperson for the American Express Travel Network told Ars.

A spokesperson for Italian airline Aereas confirmed that American Express had temporarily suspended its itinerary in Italy, which is the country’s third-largest airport.

Italian airline officials have been trying to curb the spread of the virus.

The statement said American Express’s suspension of the travel advisory is effective for the time being, and American Express will continue to offer refunds to travelers who want to travel to Italy.

In an emailed statement, Aerea said the decision to suspend American Express’ travel advisory was based on the findings of the World Health Organization (WHO) advisory, which says the virus poses a health risk to travelers from Guinea and Liberia, and it is not yet clear how this information has affected travelers from Italy.

“We have suspended the travel itinerary of several of our partners for Italy due the WHO Advisory, and we are reviewing the situation,” the statement read.

The airline added that American, which has operations in the US, was working with the WHO to provide information to airlines and hoteliers, including the current outbreak in Liberia.

The World Health organization said the risk to people who contract the virus from direct contact with a patient in West Africa has not yet been identified.

The agency also noted that a “pre-existing history of infection is not sufficient to qualify a patient for travel in isolation.”