The Travel Restrictions: A guide to Hawaii’s new restrictions

Hawaii has imposed new travel restrictions for visitors and residents from the United States, Canada, and Australia.

Hawaii’s new travel restriction: Hawaiians visiting the state for business and pleasure are now required to get a special permit from the State Department.

The new regulations will prevent tourists from entering the state without a government-issued permit.

It will also prohibit anyone who was in Hawaii before the ban was imposed from traveling to the island state.

Travelers from Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom who were already in Hawaii will be required to obtain a special “business visitor” visa.

These visas will be issued only for travel that takes place within the United Nations and within 180 days of the date of the ban.

Tourists who have already been to Hawaii for business or pleasure will be able to re-enter Hawaii as long as they have a valid business visitor visa and obtain a permit for a 180-day stay.

For the first time in Hawaii’s history, visitors from the Philippines and the Caribbean will not be allowed to come to the state.

Tourists from China, Russia, and the Middle East are now banned from entering Hawaii.

A visitor from Iran will not even be allowed into Hawaii.

It is unclear if these countries will be allowed back in.

Other changes include requiring that people with visas from these countries have their visas cancelled within 30 days of arriving in Hawaii, and that they return the day they are released.

This change is designed to reduce the number of people who will be unable to come into the state, said Michael E. Lee, a spokesman for the Department of Homeland Security.

However, the department does not yet have a timeline for enforcing the restrictions.

Lee said the department is “working to get the permits to everyone as soon as possible.”

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