Which airline is best for Americans?

American Airlines is America’s second-best carrier for travelers with a wide variety of travel choices, according to the latest data from Travelocity.

The data shows that American’s customer service is second-to-last in the U.S. in terms of how many passengers were accepted and processed on American flights.

American’s customer experience is second to last in the United States for both passengers and baggage handling.

The average passenger’s experience was rated as “very good,” which means the average person was able to get through the security checkpoint and into their cabin.

The airlines customer experience rating is also very high for how much time passengers spent with crewmembers, with passengers getting on board more often than not.

In addition, American Airlines scored extremely high in overall passenger satisfaction.

This includes customer service, cabin crew, and airport baggage handling, with Americans scores on all of those measures coming in at a combined 91.5.

The chart below shows the percentage of passengers who scored “Very Good” or “Excellent” on each of these metrics.

American Airlines was first among the airlines in every metric, and was ranked the fourth-best airline in the world.

American Airlines customer service rating scores also were the highest in the industry.

This included passengers who received a score of “Very good,” “Very poor,” “Good,” or “Good” on the airport security screening and baggage-handling metrics.

American also scored very high on passengers’ overall comfort with American’s service, which included ratings on everything from service level to onboard entertainment.

American passengers were also very satisfied with how quickly they were able to board American flights, with an average waiting time of 1 hour, 13 minutes for the average American passenger, which was slightly higher than the average for all other airlines in the data.

American was also the most popular airline in terms the number of passengers that used their American Express card to purchase their travel, with American Airlines users purchasing more than one million trips in 2017, which came in at second-most.

American was second in the category with the average annual spend per passenger, with the airline topping the list with a whopping $1,959.

The top 10 most expensive airlines for travelers in 2017 were Air France, Emirates, Cathay Pacific, United Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and Singapore Airlines.