How to travel in Connecticut and other states in the wake of the hurricane

Connecticut travel restrictions have been lifted in the face of Hurricane Matthew, as many people were able to get home.

But it’s still not clear how the state’s travel plans will look after the storm.

Here are the travel restrictions for the states below:• Connecticut residents can still travel to Florida, New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey, according to the National Weather Service.

But travel restrictions are now in place for parts of New York City and New York state, including New York State’s Long Island.• In Florida, people can still board flights from the state of Florida to Florida or the United States, and there are still restrictions on the number of days a Florida resident can board a flight from the Sunshine State.• Travel to New Jersey is still allowed, but there are restrictions on how many days a resident can travel to the Garden State.

Residents can still fly to New York and the United Kingdom, but no flights are currently scheduled.• Residents of Florida and New Mexico can fly from Florida to Puerto Rico, but travel restrictions apply to that state’s airspace.

Residents of Hawaii and Puerto Rico can travel from Hawaii to Hawaii, but residents of Puerto Rico cannot board flights.• Visitors from Puerto Rico to the United Arab Emirates can still land in Dubai, but flights to the UAE are no longer allowed.• People from the United Nations and the U.S. Virgin Islands can travel up to five days between states, but travelers from those two states cannot board an airplane from either state.• U.K. residents can travel between the United State of America and the Republic of Ireland, but they cannot board any flights from either of those states.• British residents are allowed to board flights between the U of S. and the Isle of Man, but it’s now also not allowed to fly between those two islands.• Citizens from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay can travel by land from their home countries to the U, but only the U and U.N. are allowed in each other’s airspace, and they can only fly within the U’s own airspace.• Australians, New Zealanders and residents of France, Canada, Spain, Portugal and Italy can board flights to New Zealand, but those people can’t board flights into or out of the island nation.• Americans can board air travel between New Zealand and Australia, but Americans can’t take a flight into or through those countries.• Canadian citizens can board up to six flights per day between Canada and the Bahamas, but Canadians can’t fly on any flights into those islands.

The U. S. Virgin Island is also no longer permitted to land in Canada, and Americans are no more allowed to land on the U Virgin Islands.• Chinese citizens can travel on flights between Taiwan and China, but Chinese citizens are no closer to landing in mainland China.

The U. s.

Virgin Isles are still under curfew.

There is no curfew for U. Virgin Islanders.

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