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Tromsø, Denmark (AP) It’s a classic example of how one-off weather can set off a trend.

A severe weather system is brewing in the Scandinavian country of Tromso, and it’s not likely to end any time soon.

A strong ridge of low pressure is building up over the Mediterranean Sea and is expected to bring heavy rain and strong winds.

The region is also experiencing some of the strongest snowfall ever recorded in Denmark.

Weather forecasters are predicting snow in some parts of Tritonia.

“If the system is to get more serious, then the main problem will be the air temperature,” says forecaster Janne Norges of the National Weather Service.

The weather service expects a wind of up to 80 mph to bring snow in Tromson and Tromshaft.

The worst-case scenario would be wind speeds as high as 120 mph, which could be dangerous.

It could bring snow as far north as Gothenburg and as far south as Malmo.

It’s not the only weather system to cause trouble for Tromsol, the second-largest city in the country, and its surrounding area.

Last week, a strong ridge that had been building over the country was set to break apart.

A large number of people were evacuated from the area, which is home to the country’s only large refugee camp.

This morning, forecasters in the Tromsuk district of Tomsk reported a new ridge that was forecast to break up.

In Tromssk, a weather warning was issued for winds of 70 to 80 kilometers per hour (45 to 60 miles per hour) with gusts up to 120 kilometers per hours.

In Malmö, there was also a warning for strong winds of up 60 kilometers per h with gust of up 70 kilometers per day.

Weather forecast conditions are expected to change with the arrival of the system, forecaster Søren Eriksen says.

He says the system will likely bring heavy snow and rain and bring severe wind and cold.

“There will be a strong possibility of snow in the valleys and on the hillsides,” he says.

Weather service forecaster Lars Jonsson says the storm will bring wind gusts of 70 kilometers an hour.

“We could see a large number if a wind gust of 40 meters,” he said.

The system is expected move northward on Thursday and into Friday.

The forecast doesn’t include any changes in the direction of the storm.

The storm is expected in the eastern Tromsand region and in the northern regions of Gothenberg and Malmø.

The National Weather Centre says it will likely strengthen in the coming days.

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