5 Things to Know Before Traveling to Italy

Italy’s first international airport in the country is now open, but for travelers it’s not a quick or easy trip.

Travelers are being advised to make sure their luggage is checked and checked again before departing.

The airport, known as La Gorgona, is the first in Italy to open since March.

It has a terminal of 50,000 people, which is a lot for a single airport, but it’s expected to become even more crowded in the coming months.

Italian news agency ANSA reports that a total of 4.8 million passengers took advantage of the facility on Thursday.

Traveler safety is paramount.

According to ANSA, the airport is “not an easy or fast flight for all travelers,” and “it is essential to have all necessary baggage checked in at the airport, as it may be checked by customs.”

The airport is expected to open later this year, with a maximum of 4,000 passengers per day.

Travel is not guaranteed, but there are some good hotels nearby.

If you plan to travel to Italy, the country’s first major airport, make sure your luggage is well-stocked, check the luggage at the terminal, and make sure you have plenty of time to prepare before departing the country.

You can check your luggage at La G.G.I.O. airport, a new international airport that is opening in Italy, on January 7, 2018, in the city of Genoa.

There are some things you need to know before traveling to Italy to keep your luggage safe: 1.

Make sure you pack everything you need in your checked baggage.

“Make sure everything is in your luggage, that you have all the necessary items and that the bags are securely fastened,” said the airport’s director, Maria Lucia.

“Do not leave your luggage unattended or it may not be checked.”

The luggage should be kept in the same room, with the windows closed, and not near other luggage.


Do not be tempted to buy things at the customs.

“No one wants to buy stuff that is going to be confiscated,” said Lucia.

There is a fee for each item and, for example, the “factory,” which is required to sell goods to the airline that you plan on traveling to.

The only items you should buy at customs are necessities and not gifts.


Make reservations in advance.

“The airport is very busy and not everyone can go,” said Antonio Cucinotta, the manager of La Gio.

“When you have a reservation, make it early.”

It’s best to book your flight in advance, because, as Cucino said, “If you wait, there is a chance you may not get in.”

Make sure to arrive before the departure time.

“If it’s still open after 5 p.m., we recommend that you go and book it,” said Cucina.

The airline will let you know if your flight is ready for you, but be aware that it’s “very difficult to book in advance.”


Take advantage of a travel agent.

“There are a lot of agents at the airports and there are always a lot,” said Laura Bagnall, the director of business development at travel agent company TravelEurope.

“You can find them in all the restaurants and in all of the cafes.

And they are very well-prepared and have been in the business for years.”

“I have been doing this for more than 10 years,” she said.

“They are always ready to help you with anything.

I always recommend that I have an agent in Italy and that I go with them on the trip.”

If you have questions, you can contact TravelEurope at 1-800-933-5367.


Learn how to get around the country on the internet.

There will be lots of opportunities for international flights, and you can search for flights, hotels, and other things on the Internet.

There’s also a number of guides available for international travelers.

You may want to bookmark a specific airport, and check back often.

For instance, you may want a look at the “best time to fly from the airport,” “best way to get to the airport in a day,” and so on.

If there’s a specific flight you need, you should be able to book it online.

For more information on international flights and hotels, check out the “International Travel Guide.”


Stay safe at your destination.

If traveling to a country with a high number of criminal activity, such as Afghanistan or Iran, stay in a hotel that has security cameras.

“Stay away from crowded places,” said Bagnal.

“In places like this, where the traffic is so intense, you have to be very careful to make your way through, to avoid being spotted.”

If there are problems at the border, be sure to use a secure passport.

The U.S. has strict guidelines for traveling to countries

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