When travel ban went viral, now it’s been the subject of a Hollywood-like travel ban story

In early January, a viral video emerged of a couple’s vacation to the Bahamas.

It was accompanied by a tweet from President Donald Trump’s wife Melania, who tweeted that she had traveled to the island nation.

The travel ban was a viral phenomenon, and people were talking about the travel ban and the couple’s trip on Twitter.

It took off quickly, and it’s become a bit of a story in the travel industry.

Now, the story has come to an end.

The husband and wife are staying in the same hotel, and Melania tweeted a few days ago that she has no plans to travel to the U.S. anymore.

The couple did not respond to a request for comment from Mashable.

“The Travel Ban” is one of several viral travel stories that have dominated the news since Trump signed the travel order in early January.

It began with a photo of the couple arriving at the U-Haul terminal in New York City and then was accompanied with a tweet of Melania saying that she “was not allowed to stay in the United States at this time.”

The tweet, which has since been deleted, has been retweeted thousands of times and shared hundreds of thousands of Times Square selfies.

As the story spread, the Travel Ban became one of the top trending topics on Twitter, with millions of tweets about it.

By early February, the travel restriction was the subject for a Hollywood movie called “The Time Traveler’s Wife,” directed by Oscar winner Amy Adams.

The movie’s trailer also features Melania and the travel restrictions in the movie.

But the couple did respond to the movie and the hashtag #TravelBan is still trending on Twitter and Tumblr.

“She is not allowed in the U.”

A spokesperson for the Travel and Tourism Department of the United Kingdom told Mashable that the government does not comment on personnel matters.

“But as part of the general approach to immigration and refugee policy, the UK government takes a range of security measures, including taking appropriate action when necessary to ensure that the safety and security of its citizens are maintained, particularly where the security of the UK is at risk,” the spokesperson said.

“This includes appropriate security checks, including the use of the appropriate travel documents and identification.”

The United States is the only country in the world that does not allow people to enter the country based on their national origin, according to the United Nations Refugee Agency.

The Department of Homeland Security’s website lists a “special category” for people who may be subject to the travel bans.

“These people are not currently a priority for the U to prioritize and should be allowed to enter safely,” the website states.

“Travelers who are eligible to travel under the Special Category will be subject in most cases to a full and thorough screening process, including in person interviews, in person fingerprinting and a physical search.”

While it’s unclear why the government would have put such a restriction on the couple, a spokeswoman for the Trump administration did not return Mashable’s request for a comment.

Trump, who has called the travel executive order “a Muslim ban,” has been criticized for his tweet.

Critics of the ban have pointed to the fact that it did not include a list of countries or cities the president wanted to exclude.

It also did not address what happened to the couple in the airport after they landed, or whether they were detained at the airport and taken to a hotel.

In the film, the couple is shown boarding a flight to New York, where they meet the director, Matt Damon, at the terminal.

In a statement, the U, the country of origin for the couple and the United Arab Emirates told Mashup the couple was allowed to board the plane in New Jersey, where it landed.

“They were then returned to the UAE for their onward flight to Los Angeles,” the UAA said.

The UAA added that it does not have any information about the couple on its website.

“We are aware of the tweet, but have not been contacted by the couple,” the statement read.

“However, we would encourage the couple to visit the UAE and have them check in with us, as they would be welcome to visit us at the hotel and have their photo taken.”

The couple in “The Trip” is in their mid-50s and have been married for five years, according the trailer.

“My name is Alex, and I’m married to an American citizen, and we just got married in New Mexico,” Alex says.

“Our son was born here, and my husband is an American, so it’s not like we’re just American.

We’re actually a citizen of two different countries, so we’re actually dual citizens.”

“I think it was a mistake to ban them,” said Amy Adams, who was born in Hawaii.

“It’s just like, oh my gosh, they’re a couple that I’ve met on a

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