‘Passive’ massachusetts travelers can travel again

A new law allowing Americans to travel and stay in the US without fear of prosecution is set to go into effect Monday.

The Trump administration has been widely criticized for its implementation of the “travel ban” last year, which barred travel to the US for 120 days and suspended immigration from seven predominantly Muslim countries.

The ban’s original intent was to halt the flow of migrants and refugees from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia, and Yemen into the US.

But it has been criticized for being a major obstacle to a wider regional conflict in the Middle East and has been met with widespread opposition, including from the Trump administration.

Since the original ban, several new restrictions have been put in place, including the “extreme vetting” of immigrants coming from countries like Iran, which the administration says will prevent terrorist attacks.

The new travel ban is one of the few changes that has not been fully implemented.

However, that doesn’t mean it will not affect Americans who wish to travel or stay in a country.

If you are currently on a flight or train from an international airport in the U.S., you may be able to travel again.

You may also be able visit a country you are visiting, according to the Department of Homeland Security.

However you decide to travel, the ban requires the U,S.

to take action.

The DHS said that anyone traveling from Iran, Syria, Somalia or Yemen, or those traveling to the U.,S.

from a country listed as a “primary source” of terror or serious threat by the US. or the State Department, will need to prove their identity and that they are authorized to enter the country.

It also said that if you are a US citizen or lawful permanent resident, you may not be able travel to a country that is designated as a priority destination for those entering the US under the travel ban.

If a U.N. member country has an existing travel ban in place that is not in place on Monday, it is possible that a new order will take effect, according a DHS spokesperson.

You can still apply for a waiver if you have any questions about your eligibility.

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