How Jamaican travel to China will be cheaper than the rest of the world

In January, the Jamaica Travel Council published an infographic on the cost of travel in the Caribbean.

It highlighted some of the costs, including: a trip to Jamaica to visit the Jamaican national basketball team (not a bad investment), a trip from the United States to visit a friend, a visit to Jamaica for work or to see the Caribbean from an airplane, and a stay in a hotel in New York.

It listed costs in both US dollars and Jamaican pesos, and in the US dollar, Jamaican dollars and US dollars were compared to those in other countries.

The infographic, which has since been deleted, was the subject of an outcry from some Jamaicans, who accused the council of being anti-Jamaican.

After a discussion on Twitter about the infographic, the council apologized and said it would make a corrections to the infographic.

The council’s response has since caused another uproar, with some Jamaican users taking to Twitter to express their disappointment in the council’s actions.

Jamaican travelers to China would have a much lower cost than Americans to visit, say the experts.

But it would also be very expensive to get there in China, they say.

Here are the top three costs, according to the Council on Travel and Tourism’s infographic: Cost of a single day trip to China in US dollars (Jan. 1, 2018) Cost of an international flight from New York to Shanghai in US cents Cost of airfare from New Jersey to Shanghai (US cents) Cost per day of a tour to the US National Basketball Team’s practice (US dollars) Cost to visit some Jamaicans’ home countries (US pesos) Cost for a stay at a hotel (US pennies) The Council on the Caribbean says it is aware of the outrage about the council and that it will “continue to make improvements to the data as we move forward.”

But it remains to be seen if the apology will sway the Jamaica Tourism Council, which is already scrambling to fix the problems with the data.

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