Why the Trump travel ban is a disaster for America

The US government’s decision to ban travelers from seven Muslim-majority countries is the most serious political blow to US-UK relations since the Brexit vote in June.

And the UK’s Brexit vote, which saw the UK vote to leave the EU, was triggered by a government policy that threatened to leave open the door to a Trump-led ban.

So why has this particular issue been front and centre for so long?

The reasons are complex and have to do with two key factors: First, the UK was a founding member of the EU and a member of Nato.

So its interests and those of the rest of the bloc are closely aligned with those of Britain.

Secondly, the US has long sought to be a leader in the global fight against terrorism and terrorism-related threats, as well as to protect its own citizens.

Its policies are often backed by a range of other countries, including the US, Russia, China and many others.

But the UK has been conspicuously absent from these efforts.

In addition to the UK, other countries have been particularly vocal in criticising the US policy: Saudi Arabia and Turkey have strongly criticised it.

And while the UK also supported the anti-globalisation and anti-EU Leave campaign, it was not at the forefront of the Brexit campaign, according to research by the Institute for Government.

The US has a close relationship with Britain, which has been a founding Nato member since 1949, and in fact has a special status in the alliance.

This relationship includes both military and diplomatic missions.

So the US is keen to be seen as a leading global power, a way to maintain its international position, as Trump has often said.

The UK has long had a reputation as a ‘soft power’, which means it does not seek to dominate other countries.

This has not changed under Trump, whose policies have been driven by his desire to attract investment and attract talent.

So it is not surprising that Britain’s relationship with the US was damaged by the Trump administration’s decision.

But while the fallout has been intense, the fallout could be far more damaging for the UK than for the US.

What we know about the UK-US relationship Since its independence, the United Kingdom has had close ties with the United States.

As the second-most populous country in the EU in 2020, the country is one of the United State’s largest trading partners.

Britain has also had a strong military alliance with the UK since the end of World War II.

It has played a role in helping the US defeat the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, in the Korean War and in Iraq, and has even fought alongside the US in Vietnam, during the Vietnam War.

Its close relationship to the United Nations has been instrumental in protecting the UK from a number of nuclear threats, including North Korea’s nuclear ambitions.

In recent years, however, the relationship has been strained.

For instance, in October 2017, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his British counterpart Boris Epsom visited the US for a summit that coincided with Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia.

This coincided with tensions between the two countries, which culminated in the bombing of the USS Cole, which killed 13 sailors and marines.

And during Trump’s first year in office, the British government was forced to take back a decision that had been made to close the UK embassy in Washington DC to prevent the US from taking steps to impose sanctions on Britain.

This led to tensions between British and American security officials, who eventually reached a deal in June 2017 to close down the embassy.

In June 2018, the Trump-Putin summit in Hamburg was overshadowed by the bombing in Syria that killed hundreds of civilians, and the US retaliated with airstrikes in Iraq.

In December 2018, Trump took a break from his tour of Europe to visit the Saudi capital, Riyadh.

The British government and its allies in the US were also furious with the Trump decision.

The president’s visit was seen as an attack on the UK and the UK government.

After the visit, UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson claimed that the US would have been “totally out of line” if the UK had done the same thing as it had done in the past.

But Johnson’s claims were not backed up by the facts.

It is not clear exactly what Johnson meant by that, and neither were the comments of UK Foreign Office Director-General Michael Fallon.

Fallon, for example, said that the UK would have had to do the same things in the future.

But he did not say exactly what the UK might have done.

So what does this have to with the Brexit decision?

It has been widely reported that Johnson’s comments about the bombing were an attempt to discredit the UK.

He said that “the bombing of an airliner in the middle of a flight over Europe” was “inappropriate” and that it was “unacceptable”.

This was after Johnson said that he thought the bombing had been carried out by a “very bad actor”.

He said the “bombs” were dropped to “send a message” that the bombing was a

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