Why the euro is getting hit by a travel ban

The European Union is cracking down on travel in the region, a move that comes as part of its efforts to clamp down on anti-government sentiment.

The European Commission has imposed a travel suspension in Turkey and imposed a two-month ban on EU citizens from Turkey.

Turkey has accused the EU of using a new law that requires citizens of seven EU member states to register with the Turkish government as part to a wider anti-corruption effort.

The EU says the law is aimed at clamping down on corruption.

The travel suspension was set to expire on June 10, but the EU said it will extend it until July 2.

The travel suspension applies to citizens of Turkey, the Czech Republic, Greece, Poland, Hungary, Lithuania, Malta, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia and Croatia and parts of the Baltic states.

The suspension is part of the EU’s “anti-corruption drive,” which is meant to stem the tide of corruption and to improve the EU-Turkey relationship.

But in practice, it has largely been used to clampdown on people with links to the country, including journalists, academics and academics.

The suspension has been in place since late February.

Travel restrictions were put in place for a second time in July and are being extended until September 20, 2017.

The ban is aimed to prevent foreign nationals from traveling to Turkey.

The move came in response to a wave of violence and intimidation against protesters in Istanbul and elsewhere, the EU statement said.

“The EU has taken the right measures to ensure the safety and security of EU citizens in Turkey,” the EU commissioner for foreign affairs, Catherine Ashton, said.

The new travel suspension has led to widespread fears in Europe, with some citizens expressing fear of returning to Turkey or moving back to a country with a history of human rights abuses.

A group of more than 1,000 citizens, mostly from Europe, including over 2,000 from Turkey, protested outside the EU headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, on Wednesday, according to Turkish news agency Anatolia.

They were protesting a new anti-graft law passed by Turkey’s parliament.

The government says the bill will help fight corruption.

“We will be going back to the EU because the laws of the land have not changed,” the protest leader, Mehmet Eksler, told the Associated Press news agency.

“This is not a new situation, this is just a continuation of the same thing.”

The EU says Turkey’s anti-establishment and anti-Western sentiment is on the rise.

Turkey has been a target of EU sanctions in recent years for alleged human rights violations.

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