How to get your family and friends to see a movie about time travel in the ’90s

HONG KONG — A group of Disney-inspired travelers on vacation in Thailand got some help from the Internet for the trip, with some of their Disney-themed travel movies coming to the country to promote it.

The group of seven family members were visiting a Disneyland Resort in Hua Hin province, about 70 miles southeast of the capital Bangkok, when a local blogger posted a photo on Facebook showing the group’s luggage, including a Disney movie ticket for “Time Travelers.”

In the photo, which was shared nearly 1,500 times and retweeted more than 500 times, the travelers were accompanied by a Disney “travel agent” wearing a blue “Travel Agent” hat and carrying a white Disney travel bag.

The travelers, who have not been identified, told ABC News that Disney was the first movie they were shown, and that they were treated to a special event at the resort’s Main Entrance.

They said they were then escorted by the agent to a hotel, where they were told they could stay for three nights and that it would cost $400 a night.

The group said the Disney agents were not the only Disney-related celebrities to help them get through their time traveling trip.

“We got Disney products,” said one of the group, who declined to give his name.

ABC News spoke with several Disney employees who said the company did not sponsor the trip.

They also declined to say if Disney officials paid for the tickets or hotel stays.

One of the Disney-linked trips featured in the Facebook post featured a character from the Disney animated movie “Frozen” who was dressed up as a man with a Disney-colored hat.

Disney said it did not pay for the hotel stay, but offered to buy the tickets for $50 each.

While the trip was not sponsored by Disney, the Disney company has been heavily involved in the Disney World resort since the park opened in 1996.

In 2015, Disney paid $4.4 million to buy Pixar’s home-production company Pixar Animation Studios, and in 2016, Disney purchased the Walt Disney Studios, which produced films like “The Incredibles.”

Disney also paid $6.9 million for the entertainment property rights to “Time” in the 1980s, “Fantasia” in 2001 and the Disney Princesses series.

According to Disney, “Time Travellers” has grossed $9 million since opening in Hong Kong in November 2010, but that number could be more if Disney sells its film rights.

More than 70 million tickets for “The Time Travellers,” “The Jungle Book,” “Frost/Nixon” and other Disney films have been sold worldwide.

Disney’s “The Land Before Time” is the first Disney-made film to appear in Thailand.

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