How to get around the travel restrictions in Hawaii as the state prepares to ban foreign travel to the island

People in Hawaii have been bracing for an unexpected travel ban this week.

The state’s governor and other officials are expected to make the announcement at a press conference on Friday.

The ban, which was imposed on Thursday, would affect a wide swath of businesses and travelers from India, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, including hotels, restaurants, airlines, and air carriers.

The governor’s announcement comes as the Federal Aviation Administration, which regulates international flights, has imposed a series of restrictions on flights from the five Pacific Rim countries that border Hawaii.

The travel ban affects some 5 million people and has already led to cancellations and delays of thousands of flights.

The airline industry has already started issuing visas to Indian nationals and others, but many of the visas are still being held up.

And the airlines have been pushing back, claiming the ban will only hurt the airline industry.

According to a letter sent to airlines last week, the ban has the potential to create a backlog of up to six months in which to process the visas needed to resume operations.

The letter also noted that airlines will need to review their plans to operate in Hawaii in light of the ban.

The Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources has said the order could impact hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of people.

If the ban is not immediately lifted, many people could be denied visas to return to the United States or face deportation.

Hawaii Gov.

Neil Abercrombie says the travel ban will be lifted when the governor’s proclamation is approved.