When California gets hit with travel restrictions: What you need to know

California’s Department of Transportation has announced that it will restrict driving in the Golden State.

Drivers will need to have a valid California driver’s license to drive in the state, and it will only be permitted on limited roads in designated areas.

The restrictions will take effect on March 1.

The announcement comes after a string of road closures and closures of major freeways, including the Bay Area’s Interstate 880, which runs through the Central Valley.

The Bay Area has experienced a number of major incidents over the last week, including a high-speed crash that killed two people and injured a third.

The crash occurred just days before the state’s March 1st legislative election, which could be one of the major factors in the upcoming vote.

The California State Board of Equalization has approved an extension of the temporary closure of Interstate 885 in San Francisco.

The highway will reopen on Wednesday.

The state also extended the statewide closure of I-880 in Sacramento.

The closure of the I-885 freeways and I-805 in San Jose also are expected to begin on Tuesday, according to the San Jose Mercury News.