What is a new yurition ban? (ABC News Australia)

A new immigration restriction has been imposed on travellers travelling to Australia from China, South Korea, India and Vietnam.

The restrictions, which apply to people who have previously been granted refugee status in the United States, will be in place until at least April 1.

The new restrictions are the result of an executive order signed by President Donald Trump on Wednesday that also targets North Korea and Iran.

The travel ban was announced by Mr Trump on Twitter and he has not issued a formal order to implement it yet.

But his order is likely to be controversial given that many of the countries targeted by it are already restricted.

It is understood the ban will also affect Australians who are travelling to or living in the US.

The new restriction covers travellers who were granted refugee protection in the U.S. and who have lived in the country for five years or more, who have been granted asylum, or who are refugees who have fled to the US from countries where their persecution is severe.

The move comes amid growing tensions between China and the US, and with China saying it will take the US down a “dangerous path” if it continues to interfere in the affairs of other countries.

China has become increasingly hostile towards the United State in recent years as it has pushed to expand its influence in the region and impose its will on many parts of the world.

In response to the travel ban announced on Wednesday, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said in a statement that the country would work to “rescue the international community from the dangerous situation” caused by the US travel restrictions.

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