How to stay safe in the aftermath of the Paris terror attacks

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has said that the state will not allow anyone to board a flight unless they have been vetted, which he said could include refugees.

The state has been on high alert since last week’s terror attacks in Paris.

Christie made the comments during an interview on Fox News Sunday, saying that he has not seen any evidence that people who are not vetted are being allowed to board the flights.

“I’m not saying it’s a good thing,” he said.

“We need to look at what we’re doing and whether it’s OK.

There’s nothing wrong with vetting.

We have to look into it.

And if you’re going to allow people on a plane that you’ve not vetted, you’ve got to look for some way to do that.

So I’m not sure that’s the answer, but I will say that the fact that we are allowing them on planes without a proper vetting process, we will not do it.

We’re going after this.”

He added that the vetting process will be a “process that is going to be a process that will take years, not months.”

“I am not going to speculate on why some people might get through and some might not,” he added.

“But I will tell you that we need to make sure that this process is done properly and that the people that are in our state that we have a lot of concern about, we want to make them feel welcome.”

Christie also said that “we’re going in a positive direction,” but added that there is “no certainty” about the security of the nation and that he hopes “everybody is taking precautions.”

“We will not let any person on a flight that has not been vetted into this country,” he told Fox News.

“It’s not going away.”

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