Trump defends travel ban on US citizens as ‘a common sense measure’

President Donald Trump defended his decision to restrict travel to the United States from six predominantly Muslim countries on Tuesday, arguing it’s the “best idea.”

Trump told reporters aboard Air Force One on Monday night that “people are going to feel safe” as a result of the travel ban, but declined to give specifics.

He instead said it’s “common sense.”

“I know there’s a lot of people that are not going to like this,” he said, adding that he’s not a fan of the order.

“It’s the best idea.

I know there are a lot people that don’t like it, but it’s a common sense thing to do.”

Trump’s comments came after a judge issued an emergency stay on the ban, temporarily blocking enforcement of the executive order.

It was the first time a federal judge has blocked an executive order in this way, and Trump’s move is expected to be appealed.

In the meantime, Trump has ordered the Pentagon to issue new guidance for military personnel in the affected countries, which could include a ban on wearing face coverings.

The ban was issued after a federal appeals court on Monday temporarily blocked the executive orders on the grounds that it was not legally enforceable.

Trump issued a temporary order in January blocking enforcement for two weeks while the case was appealed by the states of Hawaii and the District of Columbia.

The two appeals court judges said that the travel order was unconstitutional because it violated the U.S. Constitution.

The order’s appeal has been pending since September, when a three-judge panel of the 9th U.N. Court of Appeals for the District found that Trump’s order violates the 14th Amendment, which prohibits the use of foreign aid to support the support of governments that are hostile to the U, or to intimidate the people of the United Nations.

The panel of judges also found that the ban was “contrary to the purposes of the U

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