‘I am just not going to be silent’: NHL Players react to new US travel ban

“We all have our limits, and I think that’s part of being human,” defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk said.

“You can’t take it for granted.”

  “I think the NHL has a lot of leadership to do, and the leadership has to come from the top down,” forward Zach Parise said.

  Shattenkekirk also echoed Parise, saying that the NHL “has to start making changes” and that “there’s no excuse for people to be offended.”

“I don’t think I’ll ever be silent again,” Shattenkan said. 

“I think that the majority of us in this locker room, that the people that come to the rink every day, they understand the value of the game and the importance of playing,” Parise added.

“We understand what it means to be a part of the community, to be in this community,” Shattkekirks said.

Shattenkirk added that while the ban might “not be the best decision for the players,” he hopes the NHL will “keep fighting.”

“There’s so many other things we can do to make sure that our players are able to do what they do and to have the same opportunities as everyone else,” Shatnek said.

The players also voiced their support for a boycott of US airports, saying they “believe it’s a critical time” for players.

“I don`t think that it`s something that we can sit around and be silent about,” Shapenkirked said.