Texas travel restrictions could put tourists at risk of deadly snake bite

TEXAS (AP) Authorities in Texas may impose travel restrictions for tourists as the state’s largest city grapples with a deadly snakebite crisis that has left three people dead.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says three people in Austin have died from the coronavirus since Friday.

Authorities are trying to determine how the snakes got into the city.

Texas Gov.

Greg Abbott says the city has “unprecedented” public health concerns.

Officials in Dallas and Fort Worth said the city is also in the midst of a quarantine of travelers and others with infectious diseases.

Authorities have warned travelers to avoid crowded places, but that’s not the only precaution they’re taking.

The Dallas County Health and Human Services Commission says it is banning all people who are not health care workers and who have traveled within the last 60 days from the city of about 50,000 residents.

Fort Worth Mayor Pete Buttigieg says the county will close all downtown areas, except for emergency services and the hospital.

He says it’s time for people to go home and stop thinking about the snakes.

Texas’ capital is among the most densely populated in the country, and the coronacovirus outbreak is the worst in its history.

Authorities say people should stay home when they have symptoms of the virus.

They are not currently alerting people to travel to Texas, which has not yet been declared a state of emergency.