How to fly without the law on the books

Travellers are being urged to be more mindful of the law in the wake of a new flight ban on flights to Thailand, Cambodia and Laos.

Travellers flying to those countries from mainland Europe, Asia and Australia will have to leave their baggage at the baggage claim area.

A new policy also bans those entering the country from entering the airport and the port of entry.

It also bans people from bringing their pets.

RTE Travel Advisory has been keeping a watchful eye over Thailand and Cambodia for a possible flight ban, as they have experienced the effects of the deadly pandemic.

The government has also issued a travel warning to visitors from the affected countries, which is in line with international guidelines.

We want to stress that while travellers may be able to board a Thai Airways flight, they must ensure that they have a secure exit plan.

To help you get through the air travel restrictions, we have compiled a handy list of things to consider.

If you’re travelling from the UK or Ireland, check out our list of the best destinations to visit.

As we continue to monitor the situation in the affected areas, we’ll update this guide as new information becomes available.

Travellers from the EU and US will have a tougher time making their way through the restrictions, and those from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the US, Canada and Mexico will have more of a hassle, but not necessarily more difficulties.

For those who are looking for a flight from a different country, there are a few ways to get around the restrictions.

If the country you are visiting has an airport, there’s the option to book a connecting flight to Thailand or Cambodia from within the country.

Travelling to Australia can be done using a flight booking app, or using the online booking system AirBnB.

If it’s an Australian city, check the airport.

There are a number of alternative routes through the affected parts of Thailand, but the most common is the Bangkok to Phnom Penh route, which connects to Singapore.

For more information, check our guide to Bangkok to Cambodia.

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