Hilarious Hawaii Travel Restrictions Are Coming To Your Car and Boat

With the country having the most dangerous air travel in the world, and with the pandemic continuing to threaten the lives of many travelers, some airlines have been tightening travel restrictions.

Hawaii Airlines is currently banning its all-new Boeing 737MAX jets from flights to the United States and Canada, with its entire fleet being shut down due to COVID-19.

The airlines announced on Tuesday that its planes are not allowed to take off or land from its main hub at the Kailua International Airport in Hawaii, as well as all domestic and international flights to and from the island of Hawaii.

The airline said that this ban will take effect from December 19, but that passengers will be able to use other domestic and International carriers if they’re in a hurry.

The ban is expected to affect approximately 15 million passengers a day.

Hawaiians can travel to and through Hawaii, but not to or from Hawaii and Alaska.

Hawali Airlines’ ban is a result of a new regulation by the Department of Transportation that prohibits passengers from flying to or between Hawaii and the United Kingdom and the Northern Mariana Islands from January 5 through February 19.

Hawalei Airlines’ announcement came just days after other major carriers, including Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, and American Airlines, announced they would also be banning passengers from taking off or landing from the islands of Hawaii and Maui.

Delta announced its decision on Tuesday, saying it will allow passengers to travel between the islands but not between them.

United, which operates flights from Honolulu to Washington, DC, will also allow passengers on its flights to Maui and Oahu to take-off or land.

American Airlines announced on Wednesday that it will also be taking passengers off of its flights from Hawaii.

Delta said that it plans to suspend all international flights from the U.S. and Canada from January 6 through February 21.

All of the airlines announced that they would be removing flights from Hawaiian Airlines, but it is unclear when this decision will be implemented.

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