UK to stop visa-free travel to Italy after visa-invalidation ban

NEW YORK — The UK will stop its annual tourist visa-only travel to Europe from next week as part of a broader ban on visitors from six predominantly Muslim countries, the United Kingdom’s Department for International Trade said Friday.

The decision follows an earlier ruling by the European Court of Justice that the country’s ban violates EU rules and will affect about 2 million people.

European Union leaders agreed to take in more than 600,000 migrants and refugees fleeing war and persecution.

In the UK, the government is also suspending all visa-exempt travel to the United States, Canada and Iceland.

The move comes after British Prime Minister Theresa May promised to ban visitors from the six nations after her government announced it would stop issuing new visas to them.

A UK government spokeswoman told ABC News that visa-less travel to Britain will continue to be available, though not for all visitors from June 20.

The spokeswoman also said that British officials will also stop issuing visitor visas to tourists from countries including Turkey, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates.

EU leaders are expected to discuss further measures to address the migrant crisis in the coming weeks.

Earlier Friday, EU leaders in Brussels announced a “zero tolerance” policy toward people smuggling, and called for “stronger border controls” to prevent migrants from entering Europe.